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    Gulifa group Co., LTD. Is a professional ,manufacturing and sales group enterprise for power fittings , optical cable accessories, fitting Co., cable branch box, composite insulator and lightning arrester, high voltage switchgear and circuit breaker etc , which covered below 10KV lower distribution net ,220KV HV transmission and distribution line and 500KV super HV transmission and distribution line .
    Gulifa group earlier passed power fittings all series production license certification compared with the same kind companies, also pased ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment system authentication, energy-saving product certification, and clean production authentication. All kinds of products separately through the electric power industry power line equipment quality test center, the Beijing electrical science institute, and wuhan high institute, xian high-pressure institute, shenyang high voltage electrical testing center other authoritative department detection. Products in the national power system has higher awareness, and exported to southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and other regions.
Gulifa group has wenzhou located at liushi and anhui hefei two production factories ,which has more than 20 years of production history, with copper aluminum friction welding, flash welding, brazing, turning, milling, drilling, stamping, forging press, hydraulic, aluminum alloy casting, extrusion, heat treatment, injection, extrusion tube, expansion, die-pressed, silicon rubber injection, process equipment; etc. Has the material mechanics, chemical, electrical testing means. With "science and technology, management the escort, to provide quality products and perfect service" is the quality policy, a Beijing power company, tianjin power company, northeast China power grid corporation, north China grid company, southern power grid corporation, China railway electrification bureau,  SINOPEC and other electric products supplier.
    Gulifa group persons with "condensing, Mutual encouragement, Broad minded
 and innovative" spirit, dedicated to development technology, energy saving power products. Obtain independent intellectual property rights and more than twenty patents technology, also established the ERP information resource management system, OA coordination office management system, PDM design development control system. With the harmonious humanities environment, creates deep enterprise culture, the way of sustainable development, the achievement sunry always young.

No.158, XinGuang Road, XinGuang Industrial Zone Liushi YueQing 325604 WenZhou Zhejiang China
Tel:0086-577-62736960    Fax:0086-577-61718899 -811